Erion Ltd

Our focus is on providing advanced consultancy and training in complex networking technologies.

We have over 26 years experience providing consultancy and training in specialist networking technologies to many of the world's leading technology companies, enterprises, government organisations and standards bodies.

Independent and impartial.

We are independent of any vendor or service provider yet we have a close relationship with many key players in our areas of expertise.

Erion and IPv6

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Erion is one of the world's leading IPv6 firms. We have over 26 years experience of providing IPv6 professional services to many of the world's leading organisations. Our clients include government organisations, global and local enterprises, technology companies and standards bodies. A sample list of our clients can be found here.

Providing IPv6 services since the inception of IPv6 Standards
Erion About Us

As one of the few independent companies who have been providing IPv6 services since the inception of IPv6 standards, Erion has unparallel experience of IPv6 design, deployment and operation. Since the early days of IPv6 we have worked with organisations to implement IPv6 in their applications, products and organisations.

Truely independent, Erion has experience across many platforms, environments and products
Erion About Us

We pride ourselves on our broad spectrum of technical platforms upon which we operate. These include operating systems such as; Windows, Linux, Unix, Cisco IOS, Juniper and HP, virtualisation technologies including; VMware, KVM and Linux containers, a wide range of technologies in particular, Open vSwitch, Samba, Sendmail, Apache and MySQL. We also have cross-platform experience in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and associated technologies.

Experienced in strategic and advanced technical aspects of IPv6

Our knowledge of IPv6 extends from strategic planning down to the detailed technical internals of network stacks, protocols and operating systems. Erion's consultants are experienced in a wide range of environments making them uniquely placed to helping you with your IPv6 deployment.

IPv6 Training

The world's most comprehensive portfolio of IPv6 training courses.

In addition to our IPv6 consultancy services, we also have the world's most comprehensive portfolio of IPv6 training courses. If you are looking for IPv6 training then you should look at our companion IPv6 training web site for details of how we can help you.

Over 95% of our customers rate our training excellent/very good.
Erion IPv6 Training Course Manual Pages

Cross-platform Integration

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We have a long and extensive experience of providing cross-platform integration solutions across all of the major operating systems and environments. This includes expertise in a range of Active Directory and Linux integration technologies including Samba, NIS, LDAP Kerberos, PAM and NSS. Our consultants have worked with many of the leading players including Microsoft and the Samba Team.

Specialist Sendmail and Email Consultancy

Sendmail remains a major componant of many email systems. Whilst, extremely powerful it is often considered difficult to configure and manage. We have provide a range of Sendmail and email services.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have helped network equipment manufacturers (for example, Cisco, Brocade, Ericsson and Alcatel Lucent), Internet security specialists (for example, Arbor Networks, Prolexic and Sophos), government bodies (for example Ofcom), technology companies (for example, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Cisco ) and global enterprises (for example Deloittes, Kimberly Clarke, Atos Origin).

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible quality of advice and support.